About us


Familiar company founded in 1956 by Herminia Bagué Alcalà and Joaquim Fusté Alcalà. Joaquim formed the harmonica band "Les Akords" in 1953, two years after they won the won the world championship in Winterthur (Switzerland), they renewed it in Luxemburg in 1957 and in Pavie in 1961.
The company was born in a little shop placed in 16 Josep Mª Folch i Torres Square in Barcelona and they sold CDsi, guitars, harmonicas and other small instruments. Little by little they made the business grew and they introduced other instruments, as well as they started selling second hand instruments, repairing harmonicas and accordions, and later all kind of instruments, differentiating 3 spaces: classic instruments, electric instruments and percussion instruments.
In the 60s-70s they were adversited in various metro stations in Barcelona with real instruments placed in glass cabinets (a curious fact at that time) which little by little were supplied by pictures until they were finally taken off. At the late 80s, with enough knowledge of the sector, they started introducing instruments with their own brands, always offering their clients the best relation price-quality.
In 2005 the company moved to 10 Marques de Campo Sagrado Street, 200m away from the first shop. After their long trajectory, together with the member's formation in clarintettist, guitarist and pianist, Clau de Sol became and experienced company with a good kwowledge of musical instruments which could provide additional services to their customers such as a good service about any kind of instrument and a fast and complete post-selling service carried out by themselves.